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A 1971 Black Beauty with T pick ups..


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Hi can someone helpme?

I just Bought a 71 custom Black..Its supposed to be all original.;and it got what seems like 2 black humbuckers.

Can someone tell me.about 71 custom pU s?

Also..very stupid q maybe..Can..I put..gold covers on them?;or the Gold.;ones are just Totally different pick ups?

T??, something..

What is a good original 71 worth.;original no breaks..no repairs.;great sound

Any idea anyone?

Also James williamson+hopefully Iggy will sign it...What would I use to let them sign it.;and where...?

I m thinking or Gold or Silver Marker...

..Now trying to find out.;all about this guitar :)

Thanx Bavo

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I had a Les Paul "The Paul", it was a 78 model, but had T-tops. They're black and have adjustable polepieces. I'm not sure if your guitar should come with no covers (maybe they were removed). My PU's had the PAT number of the back, see pics below.


I put covers on some Gibson PU's but you have to measure the distance between each polepiece and from the first to the last polepiece. You should look for the covers on eBay and see the measures. Be sure to buy the covers with the measures you need or they won't fit and you'll need to modify them. In my case, 496R and 500T have different polepiece distances, so buying the same cover for both didn't work and I had to modify one to fit.


Hope this little info helps you.





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Thanx so much!

Indeed.;the seller said.that most bb..came like this back then...However.I do wonder..And your information.;Is excellent..truely helpfull

You know..It still has to arrive.;today or monday..

Anyone heard of him (bossimusick.;ebay.de or frank_cn,.;if your looking for a vintage gibson..His guitars(about 3 a month.;are truely..incredible.;and.its in auction.;)Check him out?Anyone else bought a Vintage of him?

For europe He is the Best!I mean.His 75 Standard.;he is selling..well..Its just STUNNING

I will keep you updated on..My BB..if all is well ect...

But yes.;I wonder if it was sold without the covers or not..He wrote All original/no repairs/Breaks

That should include.;The covers.;unless they where never on there..correct?

Ps.;I got A Silverburst/custom 2009..Heavy Guitar..Absolutly great sound...And the whole package is.;so beautifull.

Me .;I would not advise not buying a new custom..I think..They might be better then ever...

That Silverburst..Was Alive..know what I mean?When i sold it after 5 days.;I almost cried..If I had to choose between my girlfriend.;and a custom..Bye Girl!



Could someone check his 3 guitars out? please..?Apart from the description..he does not give a lot more info

And Did I pay a good price for my BB 1971?...1800 euros....(I know in the states They are much cheaper.)But in europe

A 77 might go for 3000 euros!

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