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Tuner Issue


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I have an original First Production Run Robot. The D string tuner is not working correctly. It does move the peg head and will correctly tune the D string if it is continually plucked for several minutes. Occasionally, it tunes as described with just one or two strums. I have tried resetting the electonics and adjusting the sensitivity as described in the manual. Changing the strings does not change the problem. I usually alternate between E and E flat tune settings, rarely open G. The problem occurs with all these settings just on the D string.


When I first got the guitar, I sent it back to Gibson for this problem, as well as finish defects where the neck meets the body. After over a month, Gibson sent me a different Robot which I did not want (it also had globbed up finish where the body met the neck) and told me my original was destroyed.


I like the sound and feel of my original Robot. It took me several months to get it back and nothing was fixed when it finally arrived. After trying with 'Customer Service' for a few months, a letter in despiration to Henry Juszkiewicz explaining that I was the guitar's owner and that Gibson did not have the right to destroy my property, had my original guitar back within 2 weeks! I was so happy to have it back, I did not want to bother him or Gibson anymore. The new Gibson warranties specifically state that Gibson can and will replace guitars sent in for warranty repairs.


I really do not want to risk sending it back into Gibson again, but it would be nice to have it working as designed. Does anyone have a solution to my tuner issue. As you can assume from the above, everthing works eventually, just unpredictably slowly. Is there a loose connection or some other kind of problem I can fix?

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Hi ...just heard from Tronic today with this solution " try following step:

Knock with the handle of a screwdriver very firmly on the Piezo, till the string sits firmly in the saddle

You can repeat this 4 - 5 times. " Works like a charm P.S. I tried this on all the saddles, now all the strings tune at the same time. You can also lube the nut on the D position for your personal situation. This will prevent binding at the nut. Good luck

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