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Merry Christmas To The Gibsonites......


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I'm off tonight, gigging in Ky. Sat., and have a full slate through New Years Eve, and most of next year. Might not get back here for a few days and would like to wish my very best to you all. May you and your families have good health, and tons of love for each other. Hug the children, and teach them well.


This place is one of my favorites. We have our ups and downs, but I like to think we would all be friends if we met in a bar.


As the World decides which Companies will, and will not, survive because of taxes, Global warming (fees) and free health insurance for all, one of my biggest concerns is if Gibson will survive. I can only pray it will.


God Bless Gibson.


And God Bless all of you, my cyber friends.



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Break a leg, bubba...


And have fun on the gig.


Added edit: I kinda forget what it's like to have kids, or to have kids around, etc. My holiday season tends just to be work. So the other notes made me think of your fam... Aye, a good holiday season to you all.


Demoon - Merry Christmas to you too! I think it's a lot more fun, and certainly more new, at your age.



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I am glad I finally did a little Christmas shopping tonight I fell more in the season

Thanks dem00n


Yea, I love going to the malls and seeing the decorations and everything. Best is last week before Christmas, love the hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers....


Finding a parking space is a b!tch though.

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If I met you in a bar I would pay for the first 5 rounds... and then I'd let you chose who to pick a fight with [lol] it would be cool' date=' gibson forumites united kickin' *** and takin' names[/quote']


We can do that.


P.S., I saw your Thunder tele.....


If I still liked Teles, I'd like yours........


Just sayin'.





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