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Conterfeit Suspicions - Expert help needed


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I have some suspicions on a used Gibson Lespaul Std I tried last saturday.

Everything looks perfect, the guitar sounds great, bold sound and good sustain. I checked the truss road, I call the CS service at Gibson to ahve them check the serial #. The Gibson employee descirbed exactly the guitar I tried earlier.

But he told me that now even the counterfeit Gibsons have real serial #.

Now the guitar looks perfect even supposedly being from 2003 but the logo looks weird. Like if the paint around the logo was fading.

Can I have some experts contacting me so that I can send the pictures and get some opinions?


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Pics would be incredebly helpful.


All though, a Les Paul Standard is made at the Gibson USA factory, not the custom shop. If you're sure it's a standard and it says custom shop on it some place I would be suspicious but really hard to say without seeing it.

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