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PRS Guitar prices, do people complain?


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Finally' date=' although many guys regard American-made Fenders to be great-instruments I can only say that I have played Indonesian-made G&Ls and Korean-made ESP/LTDs that blow them out of the water![/quote']


This is what I have found too [crying] The MIA custom shop Fenders have impressed me though. They have been the only rivals (to my ears) to Fender Japan thus far [biggrin]


I saw this LTD at my buddy's music store the other day. Horizon-shape' date=' white color, EMG 81-85s, Floyd Rose, neck & headstock binding, set-neck and a bad-*** metal attitude.



They are great guitars aren't they?


A slightly different style of guitar is the Chinese Eastman jazz guitars; they are not cheap (they start at around £1500) but are on my wish list [cool]




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Don't know if anybody here has heard of Marlique guitars,but I have one of their Deluxe models which is pictured.

These are made in Indonesia and I can vouch that this is one of the most beautiful and effortless guitars to play. Almost too easy at times.



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People forget that it's not so much where a guitar is made as it is how a guitar is made. I'd rather have a guitar hand-made by one guy in Indonesia than a guitar made in a factory in the United States.


There are two schools of thought when it comes to Americans buying only American guitars.


The first is nationalism and supporting our own countrymen. I understand it, I respect it, though I don't necessarily agree with it.


The second is a belief that if it's "Made in USA," it's automatically better than anything else. I've got a Spanish guitar I paid under $500 for that's better than any sub-$2000 American guitar I've played.


The question I've asked before is "which countries are the good ones?" Why are British and Spanish guitars and amps acceptable, but not Asian guitars and amps? Japan, though regarded as origin of great guitars, is still lower on the "respectable" scale.


I've said it before, and I wonder why I keep coming around to guitar forums, but people spend way too much time concerned with where and by whom their guitars were built, and not enough time worrying about how they sound.

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