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Best strings for an ES-335


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This question is VERY subjective, there is no single definitive answer.


That said, what I use on my ES-345 is D'Addario EXL115 nickel wound 11-49. I have used this set for years and have been very satisfied.


A post in another section has me considering bumping up another guage, so I'm going to try LaBella EL-BH Blues Heavy 12-52.

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there is no correct answer. everyone has their own favorite strings. Most people I know put the same strings on all of their guitars, regardless of the style of guitar. Some people put flats on semi-hollows for an even more mellow sound.


I use D'Addario nickel-wound .10s, Ernie ball Slinky .10s, and Carvin .10s, which are re-branded GHS boomer .10s.

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