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Theres alot of "Floyd Rose" talk here lately so I thought id add my two cents.


Floyds have their place for sure, as long as they are top of the line Floyds. There is alot of crap out

there which say licenced by Floyd Rose....Most are terrible....Most people dont know there IS a difference.


My Charvel came to me new and it was equipped with a sub-par Floyd system. I believe it was made by Ping.

It was made out of a softer, cheaper metal and would not flutter or chirp no matter how I tried.

I then placed an order for a Schaller Floyd Rose made in Germany.....oh ya!....big diff.

They are not cheap but in my opinion its worth the cash.

A few other things I did were to change the block. I bought a 37mm Brass "L" block from Floyd Upgrades.

Its huge and made out of bell grade Brass, and I also purchased Titanium string blocks so the string is gripped

by hard metal that wont split or swell over time.


As far as string changing goes its no real chore. I have a trem stopper that locks it in place so I can change

the strings as easily as a hardtail.


Id never put a Floyd on a Les Paul.....dunno, just doesnt seem right to me but to each his own.

Thats why I bought the Charvel. I was a teen is the 80's so I grew up watching the shredders and their

hot rod guitars so I thought id own a classic....Its there when im in the mood and plays sooo nice!


Heres the link to the Floyd upgrades site if any of you are interested. Adam is a great guy who has alot of

famous guitarists as clients.




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