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Hello everybody.


I am new here so who am i?

A young lad (20years old ^^) from Belgium that loves to play guitar.


I have a question:

I want to buy a Gibson MM but,...

Can somebody tell me about the playability of this particular guitar?

I would love to have some comments about the neck, i play most of the time on a Fender Tele so would it fit me?

And are they good for some Punkrock?


Thanks and Cheers.


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What kind of punk are you going to play?


Bubblegum punk like the Ramones or punk like Flux of Pink Indians or Crass or something like TSOL


A lot of punk has super crappy sounding guitar because that's punk. I feel like any guitar can play punk. It's all power chords and attitude.


I feel like an MM would get you a more loose, flimsy sound for punk while humbuckers would give you a tighter, beefier sound.


You may want to look at the SGs and Les Pauls. Also if I were to get a MM I would get the Joan Jett sig. I'm not a big fan of signature guitars but the JJMM is cool. The modern MMs are total POS in my opinion.

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I can see it doing punk quite well. I use mine on the closest thing I'm ever going to get to punk, straight from the guitar to a tube amp. With the tone rolled all the way up and the volume as high as you can take it, the amp breaks up nicely.


Alternatively, roll the tone all the way down and raise the volume, and it's smooth.

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I had one..Its great for Blues.;thats about it..nek is really fat

But..It looks GREAT..and..yep..I m sure..u ll make some cool sounds with it...

If you want a gibson and you have.pretty big hands....Go for it!

Me?...I dont like the sound..too thin.I like Loads Of HEAVy SUSTAIN.;and this is not . that kind of guitar...

If you like Tele(s.;maybe you like this

Last time.;I was in The guitarshop..Some Guy with way too much money..bought one..For The cardboard box!Ha liked the box.

But Hey It really really looks good on stage!Especially in A punkband!

Isnt there a Joan jett special with 1 H And 1 S..or am I wrong? I wouldnt mind to try that one...

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I'd have to agree with the "too thin" comment, at least with the stock single coils. I have a '78 MM Reissue with humbuckers and it sounds pretty good! Doesn't have that LP sound or SG sound, not quite as much depth, but still sounds good! A friend I used to play with had an old '64 MM with humbuckers, a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the neck position and it had a bad**s thick sound. Really rocked. The neck on mine is thicker than the 60's slim taper but thinner than the fat profile. Overall it's a nice axe for the $150 I paid for it 20 years ago..........Don't know that I would spend what they want for a new one though.

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My Melody Maker has staved off my desire to buy a Telecaster.


With adjustments to the controls, it's a very versatile guitar... I use it in place of a Telecaster, Les Paul Junior, and Rickenbacker. It's not perfect, obviously, but it's a very good substitute to any of them.

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