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2008 Standard. I like.


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I bought an '08 Studio for utility (gig) reasons last week, although it's a secret (the daughter thinks it's from her and Mom, Christmas gift) but was offered, and tried out a flamed Standard.


I really wanted it, but was not in the market to dump another K at "this juncture"......


Here's my opinions. I was plugged into a little 1;12 Marshall EL84 combo, whatever ( I wasn't shopping amps).


That S.O.B. was nice. I liked the new neck, I liked the pickups, I liked the fit, finish, flame, and the balance, feel and action, fretwork, ect.


I'm really becoming a fan of chambering. I know some of you don't like it, but I'm getting to where I can "sense" it.


I have no idea how the tuners work, never had em', but could live with the locking jack, I guess.


I bought the Studio to take the load off the ES-339 for bar gigs, and am paying down some property and other investments for the next year or so, but...................


I'd buy one in a heartbeat if I was in the market. I was very impressed.


Merry Christmas.

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I do like the Standards too. The chambering brings a nice acoustic feel to it. It's up to you Murph' date=' it's what you think is the most important. You could look for a good used one too , might be worth your while [thumbup][/quote']


I'm done till next tax time, although next year might be better than '09, the way it's lining up. But I really am liking the chambered Lesters.

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SO what your saying is ' date=' we'll have to listen to you go on and on about a standard until March, April ?





No, I have to SPEND money on gear BEFORE the end of the year to avoid PAYING more taxes.


I NEVER get a tax refund. I always owe. It's just a matter of oweing LESS......

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Congratulations on the new studio, what finish is it?


I am with you, the "new" standard is a great guitar, not all the features were needed but it was nice of them to ad them just in case and of course, I can live with them too.


So, giving the ES some vacation or retiring her completely?

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So' date=' giving the ES some vacation or retiring her completely?[/quote']


Thanks Thunder. It's Wine Red.


No, I'm just giving it some relief. I had 2 or 3 weekends off in '09. Period. I just wanted something to wear out without feeling guilty about it. I'll gig the 339 on higher profile stuff, and better clubs, ect. I actually need to retire the SG, because SOMEDAY I have to give it to my son.......




Actually, I guess I need another backup guitar..........



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I like the '08 standards as well. I really didn't think I was going to like the neck but it did feel pretty comfortable. I had the choice of that or the Premium Plus, and I liked the sound of both. I went for the Premium Plus because of its flame and I was told it was one of the last to be built, at least for a while. But I'd get an '08 Standard for sure too.


BTW, I think you should get a red 339 for your backup...

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