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New project in the works! :]


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Hey guys, I'm back! And once again I have a new guitar project that I am working on. It's just in the planning stages right now but I think it should be really cool. Now there is a bit of a back story to this so let me explain that first.


So, about five or so years ago my dad was in this awesome band called sol duc (named after these hot springs here in WA) and they really kicked a$$! Unfortunately I wasn't into music back then, or at least good music. Needless to say I didn't really pay attention to them. But now, years later I have started listening to their stuff from the couple of CDs the made and it freaking rocks! The thing I like the most is the guitar player. He does all finger picking and plays in his own awesome style, there is no one else out there who plays like Billy. He also had this killer tone on the albums that I just love. So a few days ago I asked my dad about what Billy used on those recordings. I was surprised to find out that the guitar was a telecaster style guitar that my dad had designed and had made by his friend and a great luthier Mike Lull! He considers it the best guitar ever!

So now I want to remake it (unfortunately Billy had to sell the guitar. Which is stupid!). I happen to be taking shop class this year so I will be making the body in that class. The neck will come from warmoth.


So here's the basic specs.

~Telecaster style swamp ash body

~Tele style neck but with 22 frets. Maybe will change to 24. Still thinking about it. Rosewood fretboard.

~Van zandt true vintage single coils in the neck and middle possition

~Gibson Jeff Beck Humbucker in the bridge

~Some sort of matt black finish (probably)

~Gold or Chrome hard ware (also haven't decided, opinions)

~Volume and tone for each pickup. I will use double knobs like on some bass guitars so it seems like there is only three knobs.

~wooden three ply pickguard with clear finsih.

~Lokcing tunners.



More info and pictures will come.

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Oh! Forgot to mention on the origional post that I will have coil tapping on the humbucker.

Also now I am not sure that there is a Gibson Jeff Beck humbucker. That's what my dad told me it was but he has gotten things like that mixed up before :/

Maybe it was a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck Humbucker?

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