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Info on Unusual Advanced Jumbo and Songwriter

Red 333

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On my travels, I came across an Advanced Jumbo with a natural top and herringbone body binding. It was one of an edition of 25. Through the soundhole, I could see that the back bracing seemed to differ from my '06 Advanced Jumbo; it was extremely low and light.


It sounded great.


Does anyone have any information about this model, and whether the top might be Red or Sitka spruce? It seemed a little wide grained. I've tried googling "Gibson Advanced Jumbo Herringbone Binding Nautural Top" and varients of, to no avail.


Aslo in the same shop was a '93 (I think) Songwriter or Hummingbird Artist (I can't remember what the label said!) with trapezoid inlays (like a J160 or Les Paul). As I recall, it had gold tuners and an unbound neck. Same shape pickguard as a Hummingbird only without the impriniting; it might have been a little smaller, too. The body dimensions seem to be the same as current Hummingbirds, except the waist was slightly wider. Does anyone remember this model?


Any info on either would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


Red 333

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