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I posted before about a 2003 gibson lp studio I was thinking of getting for $800 from a private dealer.... 3m43o23ld5Q75P95Se9c755f72db03e311aa9.jpg


Now I am looking at this 2006 studio from a retailer for $900 (950 after tax)....... Anyone have any opinions based on the pics? 105363730_lg.jpg


Both come with case, retailer offers 1 yr warranty for 70 dollars (ripoff right?)

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Interesting wood, different from the pack. I kind of like it.

If I were you I would get a good picture of three and the serial number and contact Gibson. If it is a Studio it's not one of the typical colors or finishes. Looks like it might be a smartwood and Gibson could tell you more about it like what kind of wood that is. Or they could tell you if it's counterfeit.

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Both come with case' date=' retailer offers 1 yr warranty for 70 dollars (ripoff right?) [/quote']

Right. Ripoff.


NEVER pay for a warranty.

They'll fxck you just the same if something unfortunate happens to the guitar.

You'll have to raise the roof to get them to help you regardless - so keep the extra cash in your pocket.


If it's solid - no cracks ANYWHERE, straight neck and electronics work as they should - then you're good.

Price is a little high, but you're buying used at retail so that's the way it goes.

If you like it, and it's a little unique, I say go for it.


Can't really tell from the pics - looks Trans Black, eh?





Back to the warranty thing, somebody explain to me this....


How does Guitar Center offer a warranty on something they didn't make?

How are they gonna fix it?

Bet yer *** they won't pay to send it back to Gibson.


The warranty is $70 free and clear profit above what they're already making on the guitar.

They have absolutely no intention of spending any of that money to actually complete a repair for you.

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Generally speaking, Les Paul Studios are great guitars. We don't know the condition of this one and the price is not exactly a bargain... However, it does have a unique finish, which (I only guess here) must be trully nice under the lights. And the gold hardware surely adds to that. So, ultimately, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as they say...


If you could get a couple of more shots of it, the more experienced folks in the forums can verify it's good state or not.


good luck with the hunt mate!

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Opinion, right? Well...IMHO, of the 2, I'd get the Plain top or solid color Black LP Studio. I've never cared for

figured tops, with a "translucent black" paint job. Just seems "Wrong," to me. LOL! But, a solid

black Studio, is quite nice...again, IMHO. You'll have to keep it clean and polished, though...as

"Black" shows EVERYTHING!



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