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Value of Gibson L6S


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A friend of mine has approached me and asked that I find out the fair market value for a Gibson L6S

This guitar was made in 72 - 73 I would have to get the serial number from him to make a more

narrowed description to you. I am told it is in very clean condition but have not seen it myself.


Told him I was not a professional in this , and have told him to take it to a local vintage guitar store where they repair, buy and sell used / Vintage guitars..


In poking around on the internet I have found it extremely difficult to find pricing information on a guitar of this vintage.

The prices I have come up with are between $800 - $1500


-Took a tour of the Gibson factory once, and it was amazing , I was overwhelmed by the amount of hands on care and hand craftsmanship that is put into each guitar. -Wonderful guitars would be a major understatement.


Seasons Greetings to you all , and thank you.


Have a great Christmas


Corey Petersen

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