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1982 30th anniv Goldtop tuners-impossible to find!!


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Hi everyone!! Having the toughest time finding these "double ring, no-line, kluson style" (with bolt-on washer!!)tuning pegs for my 1982 30th anniversary Les Paul Goldtop!! There is no name on them whatsoever, making this search impossible!!Brick wall

This guitar is in excellent shape, I purchased from ebay round 4 yrs ago in purrrfect cond, even have original shipping carton from Gibson!! however...round 2yrs ago, guitar suffered minor fall and ruined one tuning peg beyond repair and haven't been able to find it anywhere!! Closest I've come are the Schallers, but i would rather keep it totally orig and find the pegs that go with this model(although the Schallers are alot better!!). I'm sure any of you with this Goldtop know what i'm talking 'bout. Maybe some of you had them replaced(the originals aren't that great to begin with....) and still have the orig and are willing to part with 'em??? Apparently Gibson seems to have only included these on that model '82-83. GGRRRR



Help anyone??[biggrin]

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