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NEED HELP! Save my R9, About the Truss Rod


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This is my R9


Due to the bad seasonal weather change, I have to adjust the truss rod very frequently.


I always have to tighten the neck, then I found the truss rod nut was deep into the neck and there is no space can be adjusted, just like the picture shows. I cannot tighten the neck anymore, but neck is still up bowl.


Is there any thing I can do to restore the neck? Need your help!


Any help is MUCH appreciated!



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Put a couple, or a few more flat washers under the nut. Also, having to adjust your truss rod "very frequently" is not normal. Either you use VERY light guage strings, or there is something elso happening here. Try heavier guage strings and see if that doean't help hold the neck tension in better equalibrium.

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L5, heavier gauge strings will put greater stress on the neck, increase the bow and make it necessary to tighten the truss rod even more !


Suncrimson, slacken the strings, take off the truss rod nut and see if the the original thick washer is in place. If it is missing, the nut will be chewing up the wood. Extra washers will be needed to bring the nut into a normal position.


Even with big changes in humidity, the neck should only require very small adjustments. One of my guitars has only had 2 neck adjustments in 18 years, and my 1960s Teisco has never needed any adjustment. I'm curious about your neck relief - have you measured it ?


I think an examination by a good luthier would be helpful to you.

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Put a couple' date=' or a few more flat washers under the nut.[/quote']


Better have a luthier do that for him... if he went that far there's no knowing what else could happen [crying]



Also' date=' having to adjust your truss rod "very frequently" is not normal.[/quote']



I agree.

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Something's not right here. Looks like the rod has broken loose from its base...heavens. Take off the strings, remove the cover & take off the adjustment nut. See if there's a washer under the nut. If so, add one or two more, and also put a small dab of Vaseline between the nut and washer, and between the added washers. This will help them turn smoothly without binding. (I do mean SMALL dab, don't slop it on there.) Adjust the rod for your preferred relief, then pay attention to it for a few days. If the adjustment won't hold and the rod keeps pulling out, then it's a job for Gibson.

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Gibson's necks are Mahogany and as most Mahogany necks


they are Inharently Soft. No way you pulled out the other end


of the Truss-rod. It BROKE. It's a R-9 for petes sake.


One of Gibson's Finest. Look at the photo below




Pull the neck pickup and make sure the Tonuqe isn't moving Around


by pulling the neck up and down and looking at it there.


If not Call Gibson and Get a "RA" # and spend the 50 OR 100 bucks


to send it to them and wait for a FREE REPLACEMENT.

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