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'Snowfall' my new piece (updated 23rd) also link to jam with Sitarist, tabla player and flautist


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I wrote this in 2006 and have just recomposed and rerecorded it too inspired by the snow in London[biggrin]

It is for 10 guitars; 6 Classicals, 2 steel strings and 2 electrics. It only has two chords in it too. I hope it makes you feel the snow! It starts like a little sprinkle and then gets intense!




Guitars used

Classical-Rik Middleton model

Steel strung-Ibanez Steve Vai EP9

Eletcric guitars-Grestch Brian Setzer Hot Rod and Gibson GOR Les Paul



Peavey JSX Head through a Marshall cab.


Radio jam session; SW1 Radio


Jams with Indian music ensemble, Piano and bass and various singers.


(my name is credited as 'Matthew Sear' for those who know me as 'Sear' on here)




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Yupper, very, very nice....


Here's one for you though, my first impression was "gee, this sounds kinda like some of what my baby brother (late 30s age) does with his keyboard and computer...


A different way of achieving tension and release than "traditional." Made me think a bit, I think.





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Cheers Mark; yes I really wanted to keep I simple and concentrate on atmosphere over changes etc. I am glad it has come over to people, always a worry with new ideas!


Breaking news (LOL I didn't want to hog the site so have included it here too)


The live jam session from a few weeks back has been put on the SW1 Radio's website. I loved jamming to some different styles and meeting people from China, France, India, UK, US and also Australia! SW1's show 'Passport' does so much to promote world music and they are such friendly people too.


Anyway click here to hear the jams! It had been a life long ambition to jam with a sitarist!!! (4th clip down)




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Happy Christmas to you Dave, Kriss, Jason, Silverburst and everyone herexx


Kriss; I am doing a sound track to an indie documentary on my hero Randy Rhoads for 2010 and have done a couple of similar things in the past; all small scale and indie stuff. If someone thought it would fit something and it felt comfortable I would love to do more of this kind of music as I love films so much!


My wife and I have hundreds of dvds and films are my second love to music!


I am signing off too now for the holidays; cheers once again for the kind words and happy Christmas.


Your pizza eating friend


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