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Free Health Care!


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America finally got free healthcare for all. It's about time. I've got an ingrown toenail. I'm gonna go get that fixed next week. It's been bugging me for a few months, but I was too cheap to get it looked at. Now that it'll be free, I'm all into that. I'm thinking I can can get me some free Viagra and stuff too. Ain't this cool. Free condoms, and free Viagra.


I only hope my taxes don't go up.....


Naw. That wouldn't make no sense.......


I love free stuff.....


Thanks Obama.......

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Free Health care in America with free viagra and condoms? Oh man I'm moving there. Canada's healthcare doesn't cover viagra or condoms. I wonder if the States would cover the $400-500 a month I spend alone for insulin and supplies lol .


Yep. It's all gonna be free here. Move on down, my friend. Free food, free healthcare, free EVERYTHING.....


It's weird.


I don't know how Obama did it, but it's cool as hell.........

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why are you trying to cause trouble ?


This makes me sad....


I'm proud that our Country has decided to give everybody free everything. The fact that you would question my honesty makes me even sadder.




Sad Murph.

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The United States will pass free healthcare on Christmas Eve. Period.


If the mods here want to delete this thread, and hide history, it's up to them, but this is not about politics, it's about "history".....


Locking it will have the same effect.


Just sayin'.....



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