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conformation on a Epiphone g-400


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My step dad just called me and said his buddy, who owns a music store, just called and said he had picked up a unique guitar. He said it was an american made Epiphone SG from about 1983, ebony, and had never been sold. The music store owner picked it up after another store closed and was selling inventory.


I got the Serial number and checked it out. According to the serial number it was manufactured in 1982 in either Nashville or Kalamazoo. The thing is this, the serial number checks out, the guy at the store seems to think it is legit. BUT, this guitar has a Gibson head stock. I cannot find anything concerning Epi's with Gibson headstocks. Ever. Now i know i may not be looking in the right places, but if anyone can help me out on this one i would appreciate it. I would like to purchase the guitar. It's unique, if it's on the up and up. Thank for the help.



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82012059. I think that was it. I wrote it down on a post it note at the office. I went to bluebook.com like the Gibson website advises to check to see if the serial number checked out. If the serial number is off from my memory it is only in the last two digits. It was 1982. The second, third, and fourth number were below 501 and under 364. i am 99.99 percent sure it was the 59th guitar of the year.

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I went to bluebook.com like the Gibson website advises to check to see if the serial number checked out.

Call 'em at (800) 444-2766.

Push option 1 to speak with Customer Service.

They're open 24/7 usually, don't know about the holidays.


See if they have any info on your guitar.

It's a crap-shoot that far back but I would go with their info first, maybe Gruhn's in Nashville second.


I haven't found a website yet that wasn't riddled with inaccuracies because of situations exactly like this.

That, and Gibson's serial number protocol is so full of holes as to be almost worthless.


I'm with Blackie.

I'm thinking Japan.

Does it have a factory hard case? Sometimes the type of case can be a clue.


Sounds like it might be a bit of a treasure no matter what.

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It won't be like winning the lottery.


None of those 80's SG's are worth more than a coupla/three grand.

Look at Ebay, see what the highest asking price is for ANY SG from the early 80's.


It may be collectible and cool as hell, the price is a different story.


I have a 12 string SG, one of a kind.

Should be worth a million bucks, eh?




4 - 5 grand tops I figure, which is far beyond what I paid for it.

And who's gonna buy it?

Just because everybody says it's cool doesn't mean it's gonna sell.

If I needed the cash today - I probably couldn't find anybody who wanted a damned 12 string SG.



I say get yer hands on it and hang on to it.

Some day some fool might offer you a small fortune for it, then you'll have a dilema;


Take the money and run?

You'll never find another one like it - at ANY price.

Be sure you can live without it...


Congrats on the find regardless.

I look forward to seeing the details of it.

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