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I was enjoying all those beautiful Fenders and I was about to comment how beautiful they all are, and how much I'm gas-ing for some of them,until... I saw this Custom...









I just forgot! what is this thread about....? Damn how beautiful & superior instruments those Gibsons are! How can you top this one...?

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:-k Cool Idea Surfpup. Beautiful guitars in this thread. Love that Mahogany Strat.


I'll be using two of mine next week, the Blue Deluxe Players Strat and the Buddy Guy are both gettin' some action, along with my Nighthawk of course.


The '88 Olympic White American Standard w/ Kahler Spyder Tremelo is awaiting new PU. Maybe Lace Blue/Silver/Red or Fender Hot Noiseless.

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I am really gassing for an all white Am Std Strat with rosewood fretboard. Damn those things are tasty. The Buddy Guy one is really cool too.

The buddy Guy is fun and an eye catcher, but the White Am Strat is my absolute favorite. They look a little better with a Vintage Trem, but those Floyd type trems grow on you.


The Olympic White ages so nicely. Had it since I was17 and after 20 years it's become very creamy, the color Vintage White instruments are trying to be. Vintage white is a little to yellow to do an Aged Oly White justice, which is more Tan than Yellow.

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Very, very nice Fenders here. I don't have one I can call my own, but my dad has an old Tele that he's owned since he was a young man. I wonder if he'd let me take pics of it? It's a pretty interesting guitar.


I love natural Strats--for some reason, most of the time one of those thick colored finishes on a Strat just seems a little weird to me. The wood looks so good unfinished, and I've always liked how the Stratocaster pickguard was shaped, following the contours of the body.

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I'll play along....


Here's my fav in my collection:

1989 Strat Plus



2nd fav

2001 Am Std w/ gold plated PG engraved "TO MY HUSBAND 9~6~03" Yeah, my wife is awesome!



Not a fav but I like it a lot. After taking this pic, the bridge was changed to TOM style.


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