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My new R9


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Hi everyone , I just got this new R9 last night and wanted to post a few pics. I saw it last Friday on the Gibson Custom shop touring truck and had to get it . The pics. don't do justice to the real color. rust burst. wife was not happy lol. but,

it's mine now/ '59 Les Paul Aniver. reissue. no pick guard / zebra coils . amazing guitar to play










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Thanks everyone, This axe had me thinking all week long. i saw it first on friday the 18th. At the Magate Fl. Sam Ash store. I had the same reaction as all of you. It was on tour in the custom shop trailer . this is a 40ft. trailer and is set up with some show cases(3 or 4) and some guitars hanging on the walls. very,very nice. there are alot of axes that you don't see often and your able to play all of them. 20 or so i'd say. check the Gibson site or if you can find anything there chech Sam Ash's site. from what i understand they go all over the place so it's a matter of being near and noing when. Yesterday i was near by the Sam Ash store and went in to kill some time. The salesman I've been dealing with for about 2 years was there and i asked him , if i wanted to get in touch with the guys on the truck would it be possible? He also had seen the axe so he understood. he went to his manager and came back and told me the guitar was there. my first reaction was he was B.S.ing me, but than the Manager came out and told me he had it in the back. wanting to see it again he brought it out. I played it for awhile , plays as good as it looks. sounds as good also. anyway we had already talked price and we talked some more. the axe was never put out on the floor. he told me he bought it for resale in the store and that he was offering it to "some people". I guess he didn't want everyone who saw it to play it. understandable. Now i'm paying off my wife and being a good husband lol. Worth the price anyday.

Oh yea , there was no pick guard. That's a good thing as the top is to nice to be covered up . I did ask . it would have come off anyway. no holes were drilled. custom shop imho did the right thing with that.

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all i can say is "wow wow wow" and i know some members are being polite because many want to know..


how much was this one of a kind guitar?


Happy new year everyone....


Thanks, No problem with that question. it's all good . But first i can not accept any responcability for anyone who gets sick or any other problems that might arise. LOL. with tax out the door $5,500. And that's why wifey was not to happy . she doesn't understand. of couse now i just have pay for it. but this was a great t deal and i got a 2nd chance to buy it. I'm not to smart but Mama didn't raise no fool.


cool man & happy new year to all.

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