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Seeing the baby pix made me think of the story I just filed that'll take a while to get out but...


Earlier this month Mama and Poppa were en route to the hospital with the beginning of labor for a little boy. Got a friend to drive and headed for the hospital maybe 12 miles south.


Thought she hadda vomit and "potty." Friend stopped the car, Mom got out and ... Oops.


You got it. With wind chills well below zero F right there on the side of the four-lane, papa caught their new 6-pound, 6-ounce baby boy before it hit the ground. Couldn't do some of the typical med stuff until a bit of equipment arrived so the three were there on the roadside awaiting the emergency responders.


I'm glad everybody waited a bit to ensure that the mild hypothermia for the infant was okay in spite of blankets from the car, Dad's outerwear and even a peace officer's coat, but...


What a tale they have to tell. The state called the ambulance folks, 'cuz they needed the exact location for the birth certificate that now will read, as I understand it, between mile marker X and milemarker Y on U.S. Highway XX.... <grin> BTW, the ambulance folks said that under the circumstances, the parents did a "perfect" job of handling the birth and protecting mom and child until help arrived.



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