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RE: If you own a Dusk Tiger and a Dark Fire....


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I've only by luck not done just that!!! So close, almost did couple times screwin' around with two systems and luckily was distracted... almost though!!!!!


We'll make some stickers, "Darkfire ONLY" etc...


So thanks for the info [lol] but is it safe to plug the Darkfire into the Dusk's RIP as long as you do not attempt or allow any upgrades to the RIP or Guitar if prompted when using the Darkfire on the DT RIP? Since you don't recommend hot plugging and unplugging the RIP. At least being able to setup one system to use either guitar would be great, even if you have to charge the DF on another system with the DF RIP or use the charger/splitter box. For recording to take full advantage of both guitars at once (two axons or whatever when the cable for the darkfire is available) it seems we need to have two separate systems anyway to allow both guitars to be used at once with the RIPs, which is fine. It won't make our post/surround room any less insane then it already is ; ) ~


Also, just a suggestion, but for the DT & DF RIP software wouldn't it be best to have the icons the same and just give the tone editor a new icon as it's confusing as hell causing you open the tone editor by mistake because you gave it the DF's RIP's icon... for instance if you can now or in the future plug in both RIPS to the same system or just use the DT's RIP at the least, you might accidentally open the tone editor by mistake, and in the future when/if/ you add the tone editor to the DF it will become confusing don't ya think?


Thanks & I hope that made a bit of sense #-o


Happy Holidays!

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