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Tim Plains

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Thanks guys!

Charlie, sounds great so far...but it's still too soon to really tell.

What guitar doesn't sound great during the honeymoon period? [omg]


Those flametop siverbust finishes are crazy.

Funny' date=' that's what I thought when I first saw it - it's Silverburst!! Close, but not quite.



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"charcoal burst" you canadians and your fancy 1 off finishes :-#



Great Tim' date=' congratulations! Did you recieve her today?[/quote']

Hey, I didn't name it Mr. custom Telecaster. [omg]


Got it late last night. I went to the airport to pick my my friend up - haven't seen this guy in well over 5 years. I took the case out of his hand and said "well, good seeing you again. Call me when you're in Canada again" and started walking away. I'm a d*ck, I know. Obviously, I didn't strand him there. [cool]

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More than you know too....




When I ordered my PRS Custom 24 in August 2005, it took me over two years to get it.

One delay after another after another.


Things were finally coming together when PRS prevailed in the lawsuit Gibson filed against them.

There were no Single Cuts produced until the suit was settled in 2007, then suddenly all their production slots

and nice Maple were diverted to get them back in the market, leaving my order pushed back yet again.


I bet YOUR guitar was one of them produced while I had NOTHING!!!




I didn't get my PRS until November of 2007 - while the 2008 production was at full speed...


Oh well,

That's all done and gone now - we can still be friends.



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Seen it before +:-@ Next .



Now I do remember the pics you sent me before Tim. I'll say it again, DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!! I love those 245's and 250's , Freakin nice guitars. I almost bought one but I got the Gibson bug lol. Anyways, Very sweet guitar Tim...Enjoy her !!!

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compared to a LP?

They don't.

That's how the lawsuit was thrown out.




Lighter, thinner, smaller.

I'll let Tim fill you in more completely with his opinion, but they remind me more of a Maple-capped SG.

There's substantially much less wood in the PRS than a Les Paul - especially the reissues.

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