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Neck profiles


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PJ5-- here's a couple of the more common profiles currently in use (note, these arent Gibson designations, just descriptions of what Ive run across):


Full U (Legend series). aka ballbat. substantial deep profile. Not for everyone one, but folk and thumb over friendly

Full C (Slope Js, L00s). Depth ranges from substantial on vintage models(J45 TV) to wide/flat (some Orig. jumbos, L00BKs) to almost low profile. The fuller ones (j45 TV) are folk/thumb friendly, the wide/flats are more of a stretch chords-wise. The thin ones dont support the hand so well imho.

Flat C (hummingbird, dove etc). Wide and flat, not too deep, like a 60s Les Paul.

Narrow U (J200). kind of a low profile U? 1 11/16- 25.5.

V (custom shop). folk/thumb over friendly. Not on regular production models?

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