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Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold top 1969 or 1970


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I bought a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold top 1969.

Now I have been trying to determine if it´s really made in 1969.

Serial number is 916467, No made in the USA stamp, with a volute.

Pot codes CBA 811 1158 and 13770xx ( not sure if there is 5,6 or 7 digits)

Any help would be very appreciated.


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Serial Number is from 1968, 70, 71, or 72.


Volute first showed up in early 1970. Yours has it.


"Made In USA" stamp started sometime in 1970. Yours does not have it.


Pot codes (13770XX) are 1970. The last two numbers you have listed as "XX" will give you the week of the year the pots were made. Your pots will probably have a pretty low number for the last two digits.


From the pot codes it is not possible that your guitar was made in 1969 as you have been told, nor 1968 as the serial number may suggest.


Your guitar was made between "early 1970" (with volute) and "sometime in 1970" (without "Made In USA" stamp).


So you have a 1970 Les Paul Deluxe.

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