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Ritchie Blackmore playing a Gibson


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O.O that was so cool' date=' i never heard deep purple before *coughnub

I had heard OF them, but this was a real treat, ty [lol


Duuuude! How can you avoid hearing them if you only just flip by classic rock radio stations? I'll bet you've heard them quite a few times and even know some of their songs but don't realize it. Like Mr. Natural said, check out Machine Head.



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He is great and so is J. Lord, when I initially got into Ritchie's playing in the early 80's he was already leading the second encarnation of Rainbow. I alwasy loved his sense of melody and how he can put the simplest riffs next to the most intricately beautiful leads.


I'll tell you something, a lot of famous guitarists based their style on pentatonics, Ritchie is a different breed.


Izzy, Ritchie's work is great with either Deep Purple or Rainbow definitely check them out.


Ritchie's stage antics are great to watch, I enjoy them because before youtube.com I never saw this stuff.

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