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I found this SG


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It appears to be a '66 SG Special (Google Gibson Serial Number for refs). Appears to have original pots dated last week of '65. Appears in good condition overall.


They're only worth about $12 in the USA. I'd give you $15 if you split the shipping with me.


Seriously, in today's market, a '66 SG Special would fetch something in the neighborhood of $2.5-4K (easier on the low side), assuming it's in good playing condition with no mods, no repairs, all original. Collectible, mint condition would go for much more.


These are desirable guitars, especially in a flush, capital rich market.


Curious what you mean by "found"???

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Yeah... I know a lady who inherited her uncles stuff, which includes a 1964 Strat, but in sad condition (repainted, not refinished, to help illustrate my point). She doesn't want to let it go for some reason, although I told her the parts themselves would be valuable.


If you have an eBay account, search on - 196* Gibson SG Special - and see what pops up. Then go to Completed Listings (on the left) to see what people are paying. That'll give you a good idea what the guitar is worth in today's economy.


I'd say if your relative needed $2K tomorrow, she'd get it.

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