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Whos Synster Gates?


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Hes a famous "metal" guitarist?


I vote no.


His solos and riffs are to clean to be metal i would consider them hard rock.

His tone is metal but that doesnt mean his playing is, something many so called metalheads dont look for in a good "metal" guitarist.


Well at least he isnt a fake metal band i guess...though i dont like them.

Hes...OK. [lol]

I have to admit...its a start...sadly.


Though someone once told me.

The good stuff will always be hidden.



Why do so many great guitarists die young?



Sorry i was mad!

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I don't like him' date=' his name, or his music.


I hate A7X![/quote']

I do to...


Well i see why kids my age would like him.



On a side note i think Total Guitar is a horrible Magazine though its worth fliping pages if you see it at the market or bookstore.

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I do not have any of their albums but A7X are actually not bad at all, I like what I have heard from them so far.


I bet you those of us who actually were old enough to be into Heavy Metal in the 1980's like that band, or at least do not dislike them, one of the reasons is that a lot of the Metal bands you see as Classic now were not when they came out, we listened to them with an open mind even though there were tons of people telling us these bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica were not as good as Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin.


Dem00n perhaps your friend refers as the good stuff being hidden to the fact that you have to listen, and you have to listen with an open mind.


It is cool to show reverence to Metal bands of the past but keep an eye on the present.

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My friend's cousin is the lead singer' date=' some of the stuff is okay, and I will leave it at that.


I hate the look of his guitar, those headstocks look like absolute ****.[/quote']


+1. His guitars are ugly as hell....


and me personally, i dont particularly like him or his playing, but i dont hate him....

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