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Remember when the Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked?


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Not exactly....


But I could never ignore 'em.

There was some good stuff there despite my allergy to 'funkiness' in most forms.


Inspiring story too.

Few bands ever get a start from such humble circumstances - or survive what they have.


I mean, Anthony and Flea had no real talent in the beginning and the creative force of the original band dies?

They pushed on and forged a great band anyway, gotta give 'em credit for their effort if nothing else.



What was that song I liked on One Hot Minute - Warped maybe?


Not my cup of tea, but I gotta give those guys their due.

Good call Rich!



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I remember them popping up here and there. Saturday morning kids shows and on MTV in IRS Cutting Edge. I think Blood Sugar Sex Magic is a fantastic album. It's one of those albums that flow from the first song to the last. IMO, most bands don't sustain greatness for more than 5 to years.

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That's 'cause you're too young. Back in the early 80's' date=' they were a freaky, funky, weird-out band; not the mopey, depressing band they are today.[/quote']

I thought they were pretty bad in the 80's. I couldn't stand the lack of guitar talent that the kids were eating up then.

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I know I said I was willing to accept my age as the reason for my dislike for RHCP, but I've given it some thought, and now I'd like to respectfully disagree.


It's in their attitude--the obnoxious kind. It permeates their music. Not the Ted Nugent type of attitude either. Nor is it the Kinks' type of attitude, or The Who's type of attitude.


That "we're so much better than you that we don't have to work at it" bullcrap. Too bad it was never true, otherwise I'd have been really impressed.


Mixed in with all of the cheesy, slick "funkiness," and there we go--something I refuse to listen to.


I don't think that it's because I wasn't there. If that were the case, I'd have no stomach for any of the music I listen to.


I mean, hell, I wasn't "there" for Jimmy Dorsey, Count Basie or Benny Goodman, I wasn't "there" for Wes Montgomery or Sonny Rollins (well, he's actually still alive, but I think you get it,) and I wasn't "there" for Quicksilver Messenger Service or Jefferson Airplane.


I was letting it just blow over in this case because in the past I've been figuratively torn apart for admitting that I don't "get" them. I've met fans who have been absolutely scathing and merciless. I don't see the point in that sort of behavior either.


So I'm defending my opinion. I hope this doesn't make you think less of me, Rich. You're a cool guy and I like reading what you have to say.

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