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Scraths remover.


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Dont stop running around,


if they are hairline scratches, really thin ones, polishing produucts will probibly work, BE CAREFUL; SOME CAN DAMAGE THE FINISH, so i would suggest using gibsons own brand polish, as its designed to work with the delicate nitro finish...


on the other hand, it is a 61 reissue, so maybe all these scratches make it all the better guitar....

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If it's got buckle-rash then I don't believe you can remove it easily as the marks are quite wide and not like normal pick scratches, best to go for damage limitation and do what "tbone" suggests and cover or pad the bits that are doing the damage.

Not sure at all about "miracle products" that can remove string scratches from headstocks, also is there really that much difference in acoustic finishes and electric finishes to warrant 2 different products?

Well, maybe there is, but it ain't going anywhere near the finishes on any of my guitars.

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