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cut & paste about CS traveling Van


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The Gibson Custom Shop Traveling Exhibit

Host: Sam Ash Music Stores

Network: Global

Hey everyone, I cut & paste this from the Sam Ash face book site. for all that are interested. If you have a chance to go ,it's worth the time.


Date: Friday, December 18, 2009

Time: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Location: Sam Ash Music - Margate, FL



The Gibson Custom, Art & Historic Division’s Traveling Exhibit is one of the

most exciting displays of guitars and guitar information anywhere

around. The 40-foot “showroom on wheels” instantly becomes the focal

point at any event it visits. The traveling exhibit enables the Custom

Shop to come face-to-face with our customers and provides “hands-on”

interaction with our instruments.

It’s truly a guitar junkie’s dream: A showroom full of guitars from the

Gibson Custom Shop, all in one place - and you’re allowed to play each

and every one of them! And that’s just part of the allure of the Gibson

Custom Shop Traveling Exhibit. If

you’re after Historic Reissues of vintage instruments, Artist Signature

models, or limited edition works of art, the Custom Shop has the guitar

for you. Whether you are a guitar collector or someone who just enjoys

music, there is something for everyone. The Gibson Custom Shop

Traveling Exhibit is an event all on its own.


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Yeah' date=' it's about the only way you'll ever get your hands on most of those guitars.

Very nice set up - I've been in it three times.


Catch it if you can.



Wonder what they have onboard after the theft a couple years ago?[/quote']


cool, that was the first time i went. the guitar in my avitar was there,I got lucky and had the chance to buy it a week later. They do deal on the prices so it was all good. a 356, joe perry, a bunch of LP's some 1 off stuff. when i was there it wasn't busy so i played anyone i wanted for as long as i wanted . very cool imho.

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