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Unveiling the New "Black"


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Yep. She arrived this morning at 10:19 am via UPS. I watched the truck pull up outside the office and the Brown Guy had a $hiiiiite-eating grin from ear to ear. The box had Gibson written all over it and he knew just what he was delivering..........Pure Gold to some really fortunate dude !


Well my faithful brothers and sisters, here she is......the new Black is now Antique Natural !










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Thanks for all the nice comments. I am quite pleased with this beauty.


As for the sound, she has a very clean tone with high volume and sustain for days. She produces exactly that sweet voice in which I fell in love a few months ago when I decided to play one at GC. Engaging the guitar is sooo easy since she just feels right in your hands.....I have said, like others on this forum, she just seems to play herself.


I won't be trading this one. I am VERY, VERY pleased.


And, the fact that she practically plays herself will come in handy in the dark ! ! !




Thanks again !

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