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Thinking about not cuttin' my hair anymore


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if you want to become the under-fed' date=' nomadic-yet-beautiful rockstar, then grow out your locks like the great greco roman gods who did nothing but drink and have sex




if you want to make a living, cut it![/quote']

You know they ****ed each other right?

Like guy on guy action. [blink]

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Yes they did.

Christmas is orginal a holiday in roman times where everyone got drunk and had sex with each other.

Google it you wont find any info on it becuase its been covered up for years...


Google it! You wont find anything! Quote of the day!!!!


Reminds me of tenacius D. "We will call the band Tenac! Why? cause ever since I was little I have had this mark on my but that says tenac! I looked it up in the dictionary.... It wasn't there!" [biggrin]


Also Christmas is based on not just this roman holiday but the holidays of many different relegions that all happen around the same time cause it right around the solstice. My favorite one of these holidays is the ancient Norce one. The one were on the 25th of december Oten flys over every ones houses and decided who is going to die the during the new year! That's metal! xD

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