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I sure wish I could have learned to play on a Dove or a Hummingbird! Outstanding! I wonder do they even realize what they've got! Good form' date=' DanvillRob!!![/quote']


One good thing is that I got my Jubilee back... I really missed it while the kids had it.


Here's Christmas day... me on the Jubilee... my BIL on my Dove, and his son on the Martin.



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Any chance your adopting at the present time? I would fancy something a bit simpler... A black J45 will do nicely!




What a great gift!!! You are one special Dad!


HAHA... WAIT 'til I have grandkids! I really liked the black Dove/Hummingbird the kids got. And they play like dreams. Maybe down the road, they'll get something different, but they need to learn some first!

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Great presents. Great family stuff. Now that's a Chistmas. :-



You know... after several "lost" years with my son, and losing our mother last year, it really was a great Christmas. Since the mom is gone, it's our new family tradition.... every one over our house for pickin' & grinnin'!!

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You did just great' date=' man!

I hope that your kids understand what they have in hands and really play a lot!

Great, great!

I wish you years of happy fingerpicking and strumming an singing together!

Let your Gibson Doves and Hummingbirds fly and sing for you!




Thanks.... I hope they play often. They've only had 3 lessons so far!

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At least you're waiting for something worth waiting for!


+1 on that request for photos.



-- Bob R


Yeah, same here -- turns out that Brown came by to deliver the box WHILE WE WERE OUT (6:30 PM) -- Rats!!


Hopefully we and they and it will meet very soon; then I'll dash off some photos for y'all.



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Hey Rob...


Uhhhh.... Since I'm older than you... <grin>


Gorgeous guitars and looks like nice kids too...


I was gonna write something flip' date=' but... Naaaah.





Mr. Milod, (since I'm younger), you can write anything you like.... I'm not thin-skinned, and enjoy a good line, even if it's at my expense!


The "kids" are good kids..... As I said earlier, after several "lost" years, the son went back to college, graduated, got a GREAT job... met his beautiful wife, (you should have SEEN what he was dating before he got clean!), who is a school teacher. They got married last July.... now every holiday is 10 times more enjoyable.... It really "made my life" complete!



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