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My god ive been here for a year?


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A year?

Well i have to say thank you to everyone!

Each and everyone of you taught me something.

Either a life lesson or something in guitar

I dont think i would be a decent guitar player right now if it wasnt for this forum.



So i thank all of you.




-Dimitri [-(

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Sweet so now you can go over to Das44's place and celebrate :)


kidding aside' date=' a year goes by fast and you learned some stuff. Maybe even learned somethings about yourself along the way .Good stuff !!![/quote']



I've learned dem00n has really poor grammar, wouldn't win a spelling bee, probably can't enter a spelling bee, and has woke up nude in the bush more than once.

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Congrats to you dem00n, congrats to us...[biggrin] just kiddin' man!

You're definitely part of the forum furniture!:)


and...that nude thing...in the bush... was quite an interesting experiment, even for us europeans...maybe if you find the time, you should ellaborate more on that...

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