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WTB Humbucker w/ Coil-tap

Psychedelic Cowboy

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Howdy all


My '76 ES-335 had it's neck pickup go bad about six months ago. I've been searching for a replacement on e-bay since then but none has come up. I tried a Fralin humbucker but it was very unbalanced sounding in my axe. Now I have a Bill Lawrence in there which is supposed to be a reissue of what my axe originally came with. It's more balanced but too hot in relation to my bridge pickup. It's a bit bright and yet too bassy as well so it's not going to last.


I really just want the sound that I had back but since this is one of the epoxied ones it's unlikely that I'll be able to find someone that can repair it.


Any ideas where to look for a used one or anyone got one for sale?


I also have a pair of '79 T-top humbuckers for trade that came out of an SG. I bought them off of e-bay thinking that they might work.





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I use a Duncan Jazz in my semi. Its very clear and balances well with other pickups (my bridge pup is a Duncan Custom Custom btw). I'm also impressed with Duncan 59's as a neck pup too. I'd say these would get my vote if I was starting again. You can get both as 4 conductor, often cheap on ebay.


Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the reply and the welcome.


I've got a guitar w/ a Duncan '59 in it and I agree that it's nice. I actually had a Duncan jazz in it before and I think I liked that one even better. I'd switch back but my jazz pickup only had the 2 conductor and the '59 sounds great anyway.


I'm not sure if they have anyone over there that could take time out of their day and listen to my bridge pickup but I've thought about calling them and asking. They're only about two hours from where I live so it could be a nice little day trip.


If I can't find an old Gibson pickup that's probably the next thing I'll try.

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