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Dirty minds

Silenced Fred

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My Big Muff pedal topic got me thinking about some other musical/guitar phrases that could be taken a wrong way if "you aren't in the know"

some others:

Fingering the fretboard

Heard the band teacher yell this to the flute section, ALL GIRLS, "Come on, I know you can blow harder than that!" [biggrin]


I will stop there anyone else got others?


I hope this doesn't get deleted, but I might understand if it does

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My buddy, who plays acoustic, told me playing guitar has a whole loada nasty impressions.


Hows this for a Maths teacher to hear, a female one, ( last day of Guitar Club)


I yelled at one of the beginners, ' Play that G-String like I showed you!'





Frickin' mortifying is what it is.

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