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Hey guys, just picked up a Gibson SG 1 Serial Number 94026774 Can anyone tell me about these guitars Could find nothing on online. It's in very good condition. has an American flag on the back of the headstock. I'm a bass player with a pretty extensive collection. Needed a guitar and this was a great deal.

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The only reference I could find was at Everything SG under SG I:



But those were only made in the 70s.


Here's another site with pics:



Here's one from 1997 that kind of lines up with your serial number:


Looks like a redo of the 70s model with the control route cover on the back instead of the front.


Post a picture.

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I am glad yours turned out to be a 90's one, 'cause those 70's ones are some of the ugliest guitars Gibson ever built...


1971 to 1974... all built after Gibson put the accountants in charge (alas, not one of their brightest decisions)... all the bean counters were interested in was saving money... thankfully these abominations were discontinued when the accountants all got the bullet after Gibson sales went so low it nearly closed the company down.


Introduced 1971

SG 100

SG 200

SG 250

Mercifully discontinued in 1972


Introduced late 1972




All discontinued (thankfully) 1974

Although I do believe some were still being shipped in 1979.... they must have found a pile of 'em in a shed or something.


If you want to see something really hideous, find a photo of one with a Bigsby fitted.

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The 90's one is called the All-American SG-I it was a remake of the 70's one.

In 98 Gibson added a pickguard and painted it in new colors and called it the SG-X

The guitar came in Fireburst and Black

It has a Gibson 500T in the bridge, 24 frets, Coil Tab, and 1 Volume and 1 Tone.


I got one over the summer, got it a gig bag and a Marshall MG15DFX got them both for 100 bucks.

Its great I use my Standard live and use the SG-I for one song in open Eb minor tuning.


Here's mine,




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Overall its quite a nice guitar. I don't like it as much as my Standard, but Its good. I had never had 24 frets before and wanted to try them, I later realized after 12 years of 22 frets I have no need for those extra two. I had also never had a coil tap or single pup. Found out I used the neck pickup more than I realized and I never use the single coil position. But it has a unique sound. I've used it on a few recordings because the pickup is higher output than any other guitar I have.

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