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Les Paul Custom Shop, Is the finish rare????


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I have a 96 Gibson Custom with a Custom Shop Logo Stamp on the back of the neck. The hardware is all gold and it has cream binding all around. There are big block pearl inlays. The serial number is 6 9982. I need more info on the finish of this guitar. It is solid mahogony and weighs in at 11 pounds. The top is a one piece mahogony cap with a very subtle sunburst finish. It goes from slightly dark orange it a slightly dark red. Ive never seen a guitar like this. First of all with its paint job and second with the one piece mahogony cap like it has. Its the most beautiful guitar ive ever seen, and it gets better. Because of its solid mahogony weight it sounds better than any other guitar i have played. Sustain forever and a very woody meety tone.


For my questions, is this the only guitar with this type of paint? Second, what pickups came in this, they sound amazing, unfortunately i have not been a fan of the gibson humbucker but with this guitar its a perfect match.




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