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Santa Came to Town! (Might be big pics inside)


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First off, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Sammich 18, beacuse I couldnt think of a better username. I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half, and I'm 13.

I was fourtunate enough to snag a Gibson Flying V as my first guitar for $500. Then I got my Hondo copy for $50 on craigslist. Then my Douglas WR-340 came around the beginning of summer lasy year. Then in September I got a BC Rich acrylic mockingbird for my B-day. So I guess you could say I'm a bit of a gear fanatic. My dad also paly guitar, so I get ot play his guitars when they are dug out of the closet, so I get to paly his Les Paul Custom and Junior from time to time.

Anyway, on to the main purpose of this thread, this Christmas I got an awesome present. I asked for a few things, like a guitar from Rondo music, a dog, a peavey XXX, or a Gibson SG. My dad didnt really want to get me any of those things, so I just let him get me somthing, I figured it would be the though that counted. Anyway, you could imagine how excited and shocked I was on Christmas morining opening this beauty up:

Its a 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom Re-issue. Mahogany body and neck, 57 Classic Pickups, Ebony Fretboard, Mother of Pearl Inlays, binding everywhere, the whole kitten kaboodle [biggrin]

Sorry bout the size, I have no idea how to change it.










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Do Yourself a BIG favor...and HANG ON TO THAT Les Paul Custom! I got a Fender Strat (new) in 1964,

for my 14th birthday! I Still have it, and it's one guitar I would never sell! It's a great guitar, for sure, but it has

way more sentimental value, being a gift from my Mother, who's now gone. Your Dad did your a great favor, by

getting you a real quality instrument. I hope you'll never take that, for granted.


Welcome, to the forum, fortunate Sammich 18! I'm certain, you'll enjoy that new guitar, for the rest of your life!




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Looks used.

You can tell becuase the gibson logo has that weather effect to it.

Anyway grats!

Very nice!


yep its used. Apperently it was sitting under the bed' date=' only had aobut 18 hours of play time on it. Didnt come with the certificate of autheniticty, apperently the guy lost it, but after running the serial number and looking for things that would show a fake, I deemed it real [confused

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Many congrats kiddo! It's a stunning guitar.


As already mentioned by other members, you are more than fortunate to have this guitar at your age. Now all you have to do to show your appreciation to your father (and life in general...) is to work your a$$ off playing that guitar! And prove to everybody (but most importantly, to yourself) that you certainly deserve it.


now go play it! #-o

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gotta love gear fanatics [lol]


im also guilty of this, im about to buy my 5th guitar of the year... which will be my first gibson.


ive always had ibanez guitars... even tho im a blues man (how do ya work that one out!! :-k lol)




one of the guitars i bought however was a strat what i bought off a friend for the sum of £1 when his grandad found it on a skip.... it only needed new strings and a bit of general maintenance [lol]

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WOW!!! Congrats


I recieved my first Gibson when I was 10 years old, but man I didnt get LPC till I was 16[cool] ....


Now you're job from this point forward is to play the living heart-burn out of it[biggrin]


I have kids in your age bracket and they play with my stuff all the time, and I'm glad they do.

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Awe, your dad beat me to it!


That's the same LP Custom that slipkid was selling. I was going to make him an offer, but looks like it just wasn't meant to be!#-o


Congrats on a VERY beautiful guitar, and make sure you show your dad how much you appreciate this AWESOME present![biggrin]

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