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Tim started it, post pics of your amps


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Still waiting to crank this up again since I blew it up, it's an AVT 150 got a 12AX7 tube

in it with EFX-delay-chourus etc. 2 od channels 2 clean channels, I just use a little

reverb on a clean channel with the boss me-70 covering the efx.


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Ceriatone Over Tone Special (Dumble clone of #124 I believe)


If you look closely you can see that the 22uF capacitor says "Holy Grail"

I've not bought a head cab for it yet.









Two Stroke amp based on a Fender Princeton Tweed circuit with two boost settings.

I have it in a cabinet made by Mather Amp Cabs (Nashville) with a 12" Eminence Wizard, but thought this pic was cooler... also see my avatar.



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Live rig: CeriaTone 18w Marshall clone and Fender Deluxe Reverb



The living room rig - perfect from a whisper to a roar



The handmade Uber Champ



'77 Deluxe Reverb up close



Tiny Terror in mini-stack mode



A few others that I need to take pictures of.

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12-11-09268.jpg Supro 1948' date=' cabinet made out of California redwood. The wood came from old stock at a local cabinet shop, that had been laying around for years.[/quote']


Killer amp and cab. Love that it only has two knobs. That should be all you ever need.

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Maybe we should talk about you selling that B-52 :(



What Vox is that?


The Vox is an AD50VT. Nice practice amp' date=' but I don't prefer it on gigs. The B-52 is 85lbs. I'm getting tired of lugging it up and down the basement steps and in/out of the car. [crying

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