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Clapton's Guitar "A Concert for Bangladesh"


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I think we have to look at the evidence in its entirety, and analyze everything carefully.


When I said to Larry earlier that "photos can fool you sometimes", it didn't even occur to me that some of the photos here definitely look distorted to me. Maybe Big Kahune can offer an opinion on this based on any technical knowledge he may have (since he's the one who did such a nice job with the captured screenshots). I suspect that there's a horizontal "stretching" effect that took place when the video images were converted to jpegs. Maybe some of you have flatscreen tv's like ours (made by Vizio), where you can choose different viewing modes. In one mode, you get a more realistic image in terms of scale and dimension, but the image is much narrower on the screen. In the other mode, you get a full screen image, but there is some distortion (stretched horizontally) in scale and dimension. I'm not knowledgeable about flatscreen technology, but maybe somebody here can explain it better.


Now, look at these photos again:





To my eyes, the guitar does not look nearly as deep here as it did in the photo that Larry brought up in questioning the depth of the guitar. In these photos, it looks very much like Byrdland depth.


Okay, even without a consensus on whether the depth is correct, I'm not sure why it makes more sense to start talking about a custom L5. Why? Because this guitar (that Clapton said was a Byrdland) still has:

1. A Byrdland tailpiece.

2. A narrow neck

3. A short scale, with the pickups closer together than on an L5.


The totality of the evidence is still strongly (I'd say overwhelmingly) in favor of a custom or modified Byrdland.

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Based on the rental question the body depth issue a question in my mind now watching this video regarding neck width not just the inlays and the hybrid tail piece I am wondering if this guitar could be an L5 CES wish I could remmebr where those pics are of the byrdland tail piece on the L% CES it was posted in one of the threads here but I can't recall where and my eyes are in pretty poor shape for doing this at the moment but it is a good old fashioned mystery and it would be nice to say one way or another. I just sent Billy an e mail too.

It has a short scale, so it's no more likely to be an L-5 than a Byrdland.


I don't know if this is the photo you were referencing, but this is an L-5CES Thin on the right and a Byrdland on the left, both with 25.5" scales:




Danny W.

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