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this is what it is all about


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I love the old blues artists. Howlin' Wolf' date=' John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, it is so great because it really is them.[/quote']

I agree.


There's an old story about two of my uncles (one of whom was a very good guitarist) who played poker with Muddy Waters.

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thanks for posting that jesse' date=' great stuff [cool'] and i couldn't help looking at that little dancing cartoon guitar man you got on your signature...he actualy plays along to the song! [cool]


^^^^ I think that is supposed to be Page lol


But one of my favorite parts of It Might Get Loud is when Jack White puts in the Son House and then he explains that that is all he is going for, to go for that sound.


I like the simplistic approach to music, sometimes the simpler something is, the more complex it is.

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