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1963 Gibson Reverse Firebird

Trix Daddio

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Hey Everyone,


I have been in possesion of a 1963 Gibson Reverse Firebird (Tobaaco Sunburst) for several years now. It was given to me by a family member. I have the original purchase receipt for it even.


I was wondering if anyone knew how I might go about getting it appraised? I was told that the neck had been repaired by Gibson themselves early on although I have no document of that, it is in really great shape other wise. A small chip in the pick guard and a scratch here or there. Works fine...it screams when played!


Any direction would be appreciated. I am in southern california

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Contact George Gruhn at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, TN (phone or e-mail, but phone would be better/quicker). You may be able to e-mail them photos and get an appraisal that way (they will indicate in the appraisal that it was not a "hands on" appraisal, but you'll still get a pretty clear idea of the current market value).



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