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Best Gibson pickups ever!


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The greatest pickups ever made by Gibson are...


My picks are the Tony Iommi and the Angus Young they are really awesome!! What are your favorites? See my 12 year old son play these pickups on You Tube lilhendrix132

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i currently use P90s and Burstbucker Pros in my Gibson LP Push-Tone. I really like the combination of the two for bridge (BB pro) and neck(P90) and the variety of sounds they give me.

Nevertheless, I 'm looking for some alternative pickups closer to heavy/distortion kind of music (while keeping, if possible, the "clean" sounds intact).

From the Gibson Gear site i've selected (based on their specs, not really tried them) the following:

- Dirty Fingers

- 496R / 500T


Also i ve heard good words about the Iommi's


Has anyone tried the above pups so that maybe a comparison can be made (always concerning the quality of sound in "dirty" and "clean"



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Does anybody know what pickups come standard in the Washburn J6? and what pickups come standard in the Gibson L-5 CES electric? OK I found the answer on the Internet


L-5CES Hardware includes twin gold Gibson PAF style humbucking pickups The Washburn J6 is a G!b$@n L-5 Replica.. older discontinued series of J-6s are becoming pretty RARE now ..quite difficult to find .. among the best players available dollar for dollar. Built using the same construction methods and high grade premium woods by the very same makers of the High end Aria guitars of this era (1980's) http://www.jvguitars.com/showproduct.pl?id=1098218374

2 Washburn 800 series humbucking pickups


So .. what would it take to upgrade to the Gibson pickups? The PAF style humbucking pickups??

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