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"Songmaker" series tone........School me !

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before I make the 75 mile (one way) trip to try out a few of the Songmaker series guitars @ my closest GC store' date=' give me some schooling in the tone capabilities of this series.

i'm basically asking, "are they worth trying out" or should I save some more $ and get a Hummingbird Pro instead?[/quote']


Not played one but the reports I've heard are that they are pretty sound. But it won't be a Hummingbird. Chalk and Cheese. There's alot of competition at that price range though. If it were me I'd start with Epiphone or Yamaha and go from there.


75 miles must be worth the time and effort. Spend some time trying out as many as you can and let your ears and fingers do most of the talking. If you can, have someone else play the one's you like and listen. You get a totally different perspective.


Good luck and have fun. Let us know what you choose.

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