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Title explains it. Just tell a funny joke! [biggrin]



So there is this meeting between all the space research teams from around the world and they are all bragging about what their newest plan is. The Americans are like "We're going to send a man to mars!" while the russians say they will expand the international space station. And this goes on through out all the countrys involved until final the Polish team is up.

Their representative stands up and says "We are going to land a team of astronuats.... On the sun!"

Gasps and murmurs all around! People yelling "How can this be possible!?!" What about the heat!!" "How can you do this!?!?!"

The polish rep stands up and says "Well we have come up with a solution for all of that! It's really very simple actually..... We will go to the sun.... At night!"




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If space and time are infinite forwards and back..........should'nt it also be true sideways so to speak...........

If ya get me .....what this means is there are other 59 Les Pauls out there.......if of course all multi-verse scenarios are tied to

our known existence...........and Demoon buy's a pizza with jalopeno's on half of it......

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