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are you referring to my 1977 goldtop standard? [confused]

I'm betting he's talking about the guitar pictured in the post he quoted (Josh's 93 Classic, and I'll bet he's looking at the strap and strap lock). Of course, I've been WAAAAAY off with similar assumptions before...

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pippy, I will send you the invoice for my new mac screen,... cause I've broken my old one when falling with my head into your picture!!!


DEVEEWEE!!! I've been wondering where you had been - most recently just today, as it happens. Nice to see you here again!


Anyone know why vintage burst and desert burst look the same? The only way you can really tell the difference is by the dark back of the desert burst.


There are a couple of differences from what I've seen. Vintage Sunburst normally has the 'teardrop' spray pattern where the selector switch is wholly surrounded by dark whereas the Desert Bursts are usually more of an edge-burst, if you like.

Secondly the dark lacquer used for the VSB finish is all-but black in tone. The DSB finish is much more brown. The VSB is much darker than even the Tobbacco Sunburst colour. Flight959 has been round a few times with his TSB Slash Sig. and the difference is very noticeable indeed.




......hang tag listed "Tobacco burst" but stamped VSB under the neck p'up...


The VSB has a few odd areas which are sprayed with the dark finish at the rear. Looking from the peghead end, the edge of the upper-bout and the cutaway are sprayed near-black. There is also a dark area at the neck-heel area.


This should help explain that last bit! The snap is shown much lighter than it is in reality in the interest of clarification.





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Hi everybody this is my les paul, & its a little different. It's 2006 Gibson les paul standard LE. My wife and I went to 3 different guitar centers & tried every les paul in each store & couldn't find the tone I was looking for.

I even played some over $5000.00 So another day we went to college town music store & there it was. A real beauty... Sante fe sunrise & an ebony fretboard with nickel parts.

My wife bought me this guitar !!!!! I play in our church band & the other musician get upset if I don't have this guitar to play. I love the clean tone on it.


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What model of standard is this?

This model believe it or not is a 2008. Its an early 2008 before Gibson updated it with locking cable jack, strap lock and tuners. Its a transition model. MF was clearing these out to make room for the updated 2008 models and I got this baby shipped for $1600 with HSC. They had a black one for $1400. Its a great Desert Burst finish.

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Baby pictures: \:D/


Born at the Gibson USA

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

April 7th, 2011

Production Number: 261


Product Code = LPCGWRCH1

Color = Wine Red

Dealer's Name = Guitar Center

Dealer's City = Kirkland

Dealer's State = WA

Country of Dealer = USA

Purchase Date = 8.20.2011

Price = 1,500.02



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