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Many beautiful Standards on here! After trying out the new Traditionals and two Standards I pulled the trigger on one of the Standards. This thing is very light compared to my 98 Special. I just get it today. Here are some shots of it I took earlier:







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Well, if RI's count then:  

2017 Standard T in Bourbon Burst with upgraded '57 Classic/'57 classic plus 2017 Standard High Performance in Honeyburst with upgraded BK Mule/Riff Raff combo 2017 R0 (G0)   The HP one is the one

My only standard.......a 2010     NHTom

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The Head stock shot I put up, I noticed the high E string was outside the groove of the nut. I noticed it today when I was playing it! Got it back in the nut and working normal again! Too funny!! This is my second Les Paul so I should not be going through Les Paul growing pains! Live and learn!

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My 2nd Standard. 2008. I did strip and refinish the neck. Some don't like it, but I'm the only one who really sees it. Had it about 2 months now. PUPs and wiring changed. Modified BBpro Neck and a Modified BB3 in the bridge.





To each his own. Rather not suffer from playing on a sticky-neck. [thumbup]

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