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I've posted this in the Les Paul section, but got little response. The seller claims it's a 1968 Special. I didn't think Specials were made in 68. Weren't the Jrs the SG style? The serial number makes it a 68, but he pick guard, switch position, and dog ear bridge pickup are wrong.



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As I said, it's not a 1968. The double-cut Les Paul Special wasn't produced in 1968, but this has a 1968 serial number.


Gibson considered the Special and Junior guitars (SG and Les Paul) inferior instruments. They had the SG models, as well as the Melody Maker, so there was no reason to reissue those Les Paul models. Players were demanding the carved-top, humbucker-y models.


If it has "Made in USA" stamped, that still only makes it a 1970. The Les Paul Junior (singlecut) was reissued in 1975, but the Special was not, as far as I can tell. I don't know when the next reissue was - I know they were produced at some point in the 80s, but they would have had 8-digit serial numbers.


It has the contours of an original - pointy upper horn, rounded edges, etc.


Without being able to see the headstock, it's very hard to say.

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Not much work to put the switch in there.


But why would you? A switch could have easily been placed in the control cavity. To put it in the upper bout, you would have to rout a cavity and drill a hole from that to a pickup cavity. Tell me if I'm over reacting, but this guitar makes no sense to me at all. If it's a 58 Jr, the bridge is wrong.

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If it's a 58 Jr' date=' the bridge is wrong.[/quote']

It wouldn't be the first time a bridge was changed to the more popular two-piece system. I'll present John Lennon as evidence.


I compared it to another photo, and it appears to have the same dimensions as a 50s model Les Paul Junior - fretboard to P-90 to knobs. The serial number still doesn't makes sense though. A 1958 would have an 8.


My best guess is that it's a very good copy, which was then modified.


Im just speculating' date=' but that neck looks really wide,, maybe it is a 3/4 size guitar? and the bridge probably isnt original[/quote']

I stacked photos on top of each other, and that neck is the same width as what I compared it to.


[EDIT] I have found multiple 1976 Les Paul Special reissues - singlecut only, though.

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